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After 8 month travel time our Morocco container has just arrived! All selenite items and mineral lots are back online, new are going to be listed over the next days.

Fossils are still delayed, we hope to get them before X-mas however.


Attention: Problems due to the interruption of chain logistics!

As you will know for media around the world, logistics are interrupted due to Covid related problems and prices for both transport and raw materials are through the roof. We are unfortunatly effected as well. Containers are 4-5 times as expensive as a year ago (no joke!!) and take 2-3 times as long to arrive. Costs are exploding. So far we have NOT reacted by increasing prices, but we ask everybody to be patient when it comes to delivery times. Everything WILL take considerably longer and asking every second day where stuff is, will not speed it up. We are trying our very best, but even large corporations are not able to find instant solutions, so please understand we are in no better shape than the guys at say Volkswagen...

So bottom line: Place you order and we'll do everything to get it to you a.s.a.p.!


A few comments about our philosophy:

We offer more than 300,000 specimen in our catalogue at any given moment. Most of them at 5 USD or less per piece. On this site you will not find fancy pictures (many times no pictures at all - impossible with the quantity of specimen!), no latest web technology or fancy animations. You actually need to read descriptions and the instructions on how to utilize the listings. You actually need to have a serious interest in minerals, like in the "good old days"! We are very conservative and proud of it! Therefore no other company around the world offers the selection we do and at such discount prices! But if you are a serious collector you will find an entire world to get lost in!


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