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St. Marie (France) show is back this year and we are at the very same spot we always were.

During that time shipping orders however will be reduced to a minimum as most of our staff is at the show.


Finally back in stock: ZUBER hydraulic rock trimmer!


Just back from 2 field trips, Indonesia and Malawi. We have 2 container heading towards Germany, with the current international shipping issues, no idea when those will arrive, but at least they are on the way. We got great stuff: Sodalite, Sapphire, Monazite, Smoky Quartz, Aegirine, Citrine, Azurite, Blue Lace Agate and a lot more from Malawi. From Indonesia: Amber (up to head size pieces!), Fossil Wood (incl. Palm Wood), Jasper, Agate and more.


A few comments about our philosophy:

We offer more than 300,000 specimen in our catalogue at any given moment. Most of them at 5 USD or less per piece. On this site you will not find fancy pictures (many times no pictures at all - impossible with the quantity of specimen!), no latest web technology or fancy animations. You actually need to read descriptions and the instructions on how to utilize the listings. You actually need to have a serious interest in minerals, like in the "good old days"! We are very conservative and proud of it! Therefore no other company around the world offers the selection we do and at such discount prices! But if you are a serious collector you will find an entire world to get lost in!


 **** NEW NEW NEW NEW ****

In an intensive collaboration with Zeiss, we have developed a microscope especially suited for viewing, photography and even live transmission of the smallest details. The perfect combination for best mineral microscopy!

In the lab, at the university, at school, or as a hobby. Highest Zeiss quality combined with Labscope - the imaging app for networked microscopes. Allows you to record and measure images and videos of your samples intuitively and without prior knowledge. With smartphone app.


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