Frequently asked questions

For several years we are working with institutions around the globe in analytical matters. In general we describe material accurately and your satisfaction is guaranteed. For that reason MIKON has also invested quite some money into analytical technologies. Nevertheless, errors may happen, but in that case you will get complete refund right away. 

“xx” means clearly detectable crystals more or less undamaged. But this doesn`t say anything about the crystal size. “(xx)” stands for damaged, intergrown or somehow not freestanding crystals. “X” means one crystal, not necessarily off matrix. If it says “derb” or there is nothing mentioned behind the mineral name, it is massive or amorphous. “TYP” indicates typlocality. These minerals are from the locality, where their first description came from. “KWUV” says the mineral shows activity under short wave ultraviolet light. “UV” indicates both: long and short wave. “MM” is a micromount, “KS” is about a small minature to a thumbnail. “NS” has the proportion of a small cabinett, whereas “HS” is a cabinet specimen of handsize, “GS” is of great height and width and “MS” of very large size. Concerning the countries, we use the international abbreviations as you can find on cars or postal codes.The ones used in Europe are certainly known to Europeans. In order to avoid misunderstanding some explanations for customers from abroad: E = Spain, D = Germany, S = Sweden, A = Austria, CH = Suisse, I = Italy, F = France, GR = Greece. Additionally, we use the state abbreviations of the United States, for example: AZ = Arizona, CA = California, NH = New Hampshire, NW = New Mexico and so on. In Australia NSW = New South Wales and so on. “E” means selfcollected, “U” only one specimen available.

How we work

most items you see online are actually in stock rigth away. Either with us or with the factory producing it. However, we are a group of companies located in the US and Germany (with 3 warehouses in Germany) so items you order may actually come from 2 different countries. That may take some time to have it all at our main shipping facility. Smaller items not currently in stock will be set inactive, so they cannot be seen online nor ordered. Only by the time we restock the item, you will be able to order it again. So please check frequently in case something is no longer listed.

Please note the form of payment has an influence on the time of delivery as well. When choosing credit card, we send rigth away. In case we have to wait for the bank transfer or a cheque, it may take 1-3 weeks before we receive that payment and will not send before it cleared.

Order process
When we receive your order we will send you an invoice via mail. We ship after payment against invoice: invoice has to be paid net within 14 days from the date of the invoice. 

Please note that we will charge shipping costs when invoicing because the shop systems does not allows to mention shipping costs in details. Postage and careful packing are charged by weight. If you would like to be informed before about the postage price, please let us know this! For more information: link 'delivery & shipping costs'

How to pay
Payment in advance: 
You transfer the amount given in your invoice to one of our accounts and as soon as we receive the money we will depatch your order. The ordered material remains our property until paid in full. 

Payment by credit card: 
We accept the following credit cards: Mastercard and Visa. We deduct the invoice amount from your card after the desired products are dispatched. Please indicate the credit card number as well as its expiration date and the 3 digit safety number from the back side of the card. Name of the person on the card and the person placing the order need to be identical. As there is a lot of credit card fraud in particular Asian countries as well as in Russia, we treat credit cards from certain countries and orders connected with those with a special care. Delays for the verification process are possible.

If the material is in stock we will deliver immediately when customer has chosen the option 'credit card'. Payment in advance means: 'Please wait for an Email with attached invoice. Don' t transfer money before. We need to add shipping to the total and sum up. 

Returning service 
You can send back your order within 14 days to us. 
Please announce the return to us and take care that the postage of your parcel is totally paid by you. The return has to take place in the original packing and in a safe way. 

We mention prices in EURO including tax! Non-EU-(European Union)-Customers and customer with an EU-VAT-ID number do not need to pay this tax at all !! The tax is 19 % on minerals, 7% on books, 19 % on everything else. 

Packaging and brand names

please note, styles of packaging and names of companies may change over time. We cannot always update the pictures as well. So in case a bottel of a chemical does not reads "Chiba Geigy" anymore but "Sanofis", and is of blue colour now instead of green before, it is still the same thing, only the company adopted a new name and some stylist thought blue looks better than green...!


The weigth given online are needed for the system in order to calculate the shipping costs. They are NOT the actual weigth of the item.

We deliver a minimum of 1 kg in any region.  Costwise it makes best sense to buy 500 kg and more in order to get less transportation costs per kg. We mention prices in EURO including 19% tax! Non-EU-(European Union)-Customers and customer with an EU-VAT-ID-number do not need to pay this tax at all. Please note, all items pictures are showing sample pictures only. It is not possible to picture each flat or each kg of whole materials.

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