B-Ware; Mobile phone holder (hinged) with agate disc + agate disc with eyelet, both defective!; Lot with approx. 70 pieces

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B-Ware cell phone holders and agate discs for hobbyists, 1 lot/ approx. 70 pcs./approx. 3 kg


Large convolute cell phone holders with agate discs and some agate disc pendants. Unfortunately they are all defective. The cell phone holders are missing the protective film of the adhesive surface, so the adhesive surfaces are of course no longer properly usable. The agate discs of the cell phone holders are but all top. The agate discs pendants have adhesive stains from the manufacture. These can be removed but according to the manufacturer. 


Defect, manufacturing defect, partie

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shipment-weight, NOT netto weight (kg) 3.000000
Stock DE 1 1

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