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+++ guided mineral field trips 2021:  Wanniglacier/Switzerland ++ Malawi ++ Indonesia/Fiji ++ Zambia ++ If you like to join us please send an email! +++  

about us


Mikon was founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1993. The company bases on the extensive mineralogical research and field work of both Mathias Rheinlaender and Steffen Moeckel. This means we all are not just selling minerals and supplies but we are enthusiastic mineral collectors with a dedicated love towards minerals and rocks. Our collegues Mr. Küebler (technical and educational department) and Mr. Boelling (paleontology) are both focused the same way.

Beside the minerals we try to supply everything in the field of Mineralogy, Geology, Gemology, Geophysics and Paleontology. All tools, instruments, supplies and even specialized services are being offered. In former times there was a kind of monopoly in Germany/Europe regarding geological supplies, now we offer everything on a much less expensive base leading to true competition. Many items we manufactor ourself, such as boxes, geiger-counter, loupes and microscopes.

We are represented in several countries through distributors and partners. First of course in the US we have a long standing partnership with Shannons Minerals, all our items are to be ordered for the US/Canada under We have further on partners in Japan, France and Spain.

Due to our self-mining efforts and the time they take, we unfortunatly rarely find time to publish in mineral magazines, but at least a number of scientific publications by Mr. Moeckel are available. We offer all our customer to participate in those field trips, a great experiance to collect your own specimen! We hope over time to get pictures of those trip online. Some are available rigth now through our Facebook site.