Mineralientage München, "Emperor, King, Pebble" Convention Theme Magazine 1996, List of Exhibitors

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Theme booklet 1996 - 272 pages - paperback - format 19.8 x 25.8 cm - numerous illustrations - Munich, 1996.

Greetings - Around the Mineral Days - Minerals as Symbols of Power - Alexandrites, Topazes and Emeralds from the Treasury of the Czars in St. Petersburg - From Ermine to Scaffold - Kongsberg Silver. The Treasure of the Kings - Archduke Johann and Ambras Castle - Uberes dunt menti Nostrae. Treasures of the Vatican - Prussian knowledge and Russian power. Natural History Museum Berlin - "... composed of hießigem Land-Ertz." The treasure chambers in Dresden - Isar pebbles. Pebbles from the South - MM Artist Portrait '96. Stone Worlds - The Painter of Pebbles - Talking about Pebbles - MM Book Board - The Ammonite Project. Experience with the I - Nattheim. Coral fauna of the Alb - Hare deer and dog bear. Fossil site Sandelzhausen - The plant world of the Sandelzhausen Tertiary period - List of exhibitors 1996 - Hall plan.


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