ZEISS stereomicroscope; Stemi 508 KMAT with Axiocam 208 color, instant starter package!; 1 Unit

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ZEISS Stemi 508 Microscope with Axiocam 208 color and Labscope

The perfect combination for great mineral microscopy!

Immediate starter package to get started without worries! This means that the microscope will be assembled and tested here at Mikon and will receive an exclusive certificate that everything has been assembled correctly and is ready for use.

In addition, you will receive a demo sample in the form of a great mineral that is super suitable for microscopy, so you can start right away.


Info about the parts:

ZEISS Stemi 508

Your apochromatic stereomicroscope with 8:1 zoom for excellent image contrast and color accuracy

Axiocam 208 color

The Axiocam 208 color: Your smart,
versatile color microscope camera with
8 megapixels - for training, documentation and routine
mentation and routine applications.
This CMOS camera delivers razor-sharp
sharp, detailed real-time images with high
high color fidelity at full 4K resolution
at an outstanding 30 frames per

Double Spot K LED

Doppelspot K LED - for specimen preparation in reflected light is
the double spotlight with self-supporting goosenecks is the ideal
is optimal. It creates penumbra effects, which allow a good
3D impression. During dissection, the specimen remains
illuminated even if the manipulating hand covers one of the spots.
covers one of the spots.


In the lab, at university, at school or as a hobby: Labscope is the imaging app for networked microscopes. It allows you to record and measure images and videos of your samples intuitively and without prior knowledge. With smartphone app.



Individual parts:

Stemi 508 trino body

Tripod K MAT

Eyecup 2x

EasyLED double spot Plus K/M/32

Microscopy camera Axiocam 208 color

Wi-Fi adapter package

KGA Stemi 508 Quick Start

GA Stemi 508 DE/EN

GA GS Stemi 305/508

Mains cable XVI-H03VVH2-F2x0,75mm²-C7/1,8m sw

Software DVD91 ZEN3,4 BLUE

Software DVD90 ZEN CORE 3.2

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shipment-weight, NOT netto weight (kg) 15.000000

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