Pleuroceras Ammonite; Ammonite animal from hard rubber; 10 Stück

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NEW A1019278

Ammonite animal "Pleuroceras ammonite" 10 piece


With over 5000 species were the largest group of ammonites the form cephalopods. Its case was usually rolled spirally and looked like a rams horn. They were lost in the sea in front of about 390 million years ago and died at the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million as the dinosaurs. Their size was a few centimeters and an impressive three meters in diameter.

Material hard rubber
Size (17 cm / 6.8 ")


Ammonite, prehistoric, fossil, fossilized, fossils, pleuroceras, snail shell, squid

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shipment-weight, NOT netto weight (kg) 0.200000

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